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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Esta mierda no se puede inventar"

The following is an excerpt form an article someone forwarded me. Normally I sythesize info and give my own spin somewhere, either for perspective of entertainment. I may redo this into something later but it's the "facts", not the editorial that makes the piece. (I'm going over to take a midnite piss at the door of my local recruiting station.) -

Let's pause for a second to salute the holiday bonuses coming to New York's finest — not the NYPD but our Wall Street denizens, who are celebrating what looks like their third or fourth most profitable year ever, according to Daniel Dunaief's story in yesterday's Daily News. I hope they don't run out of Lamborghinis before I start shopping.

But in the rest of America, millions of much poorer people, many of them Hispanic, who have few other options are square in the sights of military recruiters, who are spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to gather information on how to target them.

This past February, on beautiful Coronado Island in San Diego, the Pentagon's recruiter brains — JAMRS (Joint Advertising Market Research & Studies) — gathered for their annual direct-marketing conference, where they heard that America's rapidly growing Hispanic population is "wired" differently, how Hispanics tend to be "emotional" and "right-brained."

As the excerpts from New York marketing consultant Michael Saray's "Marketing to Hispanics" presentation at the conference indicate, left-brained people are supposedly "intellectual, sequential, analytical, logical, and accuracy-driven." Hispanics, on the other hand, are supposedly "emotional, intuitive, creative, Big Picture, and visionary." Even the Spanish language "has not favored intellect over emotion," according to Saray's presentation to the Pentagon recruiting brass.

To get Hispanics to enlist, according to Saray, you've got to get Mamá to give her blessing. So watch out, all you moms out there. Saray tells us that he was "the main person on Hispanics" at the conference. Among his findings, he says: "The majority of Hispanics are right-brained, more creative" and "love to do things in groups." Saray, who is not himself Hispanic, emphasizes that this is a "premise, a theory — it's not scientific, just an opinion," but that among the Hispanics at the conference, "very few people disagreed."

His lengthy "Marketing to Hispanics" slide show used to be available on the JAMRS site; along with a U.S. Army recruiting postcard. The JAMRS site is full of other info, including the minutes of a November 2002 meeting of the Pentagon's top advertising brass — the Joint Marketing and Advertising Committee — that reveals them to be fully aware of just how hard hit, overall, Hispanics are by economic downturns: The current economic downturn has had a far more dramatic impact on the US Hispanic population, given their disproportionate representation in blue-collar occupations.

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