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Friday, December 09, 2005

Miami Vice: We Got Our Suspect Crockett

I am sure all of you have been keeping up to date on the crazy shit in Miami. I just left a club where it was glaringly evident that we are not winning the war on drugs. As a resident it just makes you feel like you can become a Kingpin (a la Big Trouble) one day. There is now an FBI field office to investigate medicaid/medicare fraud, which Miami leads the nation in. Funny because Miami also leads the nation in mortgage fraud, home owners' insurance fraud and vehicle insurance fraud. It is tops in drug money laundering and widely assumed to be one of the top cities in drug smuggling. It is only 7th in overall crime. You think it's the same guy?

The Big Bust: A multi-million dollar drug smuggling/money laundering outfit utilizing two dozen U.S. banks with operation throughout Latin America was busted. BY JENNIFER LEBOVICH / Friday, December 9, 2005 (Herald.com) Federal officials said Thursday they've busted a major drug distribution and money-laundering ring that moved more than $10 million in drug proceeds through U.S. banks and then back to drug suppliers in Colombia.

The Big Get-Away: A $7.4 million heist of Fed Reserve funds were robbed at Miami International Airport, by a team of enterprising, disciplined team of men with masks and "heavily Spanish accented American English". -Help FBI crack $7M heist -- and get $150,000BY ROBERT L. STEINBACK / Friday, December 9, 2005 (Herald.com) If you can help the FBI find the bandits who pulled off a $7.4 million heist from a warehouse at Miami International Airport on Nov. 6, there's $150,000 in it for you.
-That's right baby, we are organized and we are making the big hit. How do you like that Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Why the police missed the Big Get-Away:

Officer accused of stealing money fired By DAVID OVALLE/ Friday, December 9, 2005 (Herald.com) A Miami-Dade police officer was arrested Thursday night in Cutler Bay after he pulled over an undercover detective during a traffic stop and stole money from him, authorities said. The officer, Jose Novoa, a five-year veteran, has been relieved of duty.

On late Thursday night, he had not been booked into the county jail system, said corrections spokeswoman Janelle Hall. Police did not specify what the charges against Novoa would be.

The department's professional compliance bureau received several compliants about Novoa, according to a news release, but it was unclear how long he had been under investigation. It is also unclear how Novoa, 30, stole the money, or whether he used his sidearm.

Note: You've got to see www.criticalmiami.com on the topic of the DEA's Blues. Economy? We don't need no steenkin' (legitimate) economy!

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