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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Miami Sure is Funky!

(Left: Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones' plan for Overtown Revitalization)
1.Critical introduces us to the other Sea World and oh, announces Ikea’s Broward presence in ‘07 in an entertaining way. I for one believe that it is like the Gap of furniture stores if you rock it right- great for assorted sundries and basic furniture that can be mixed in with some stylish stuff to give the impression that it is ALL top shelf shit.

2.Omar I thought you were for real… (I can't keep singing his praises and let that interview go unaddressed.) Anyway, THAT Miami Sun Post columnist decides to do an interview with Michelle Spence "Mike" Jones without asking her what she thought about ANYTHING really. Like, say, the threat that Arriola made about her district and the election; the shady shenanigans during the election; her lack of education or training; and the lack of, let’s see, funding for neighborhood maintenance of streets and amenities, community policing, after school college programs, community courts, hiring set asides in area construction, NET and other government offices in Black areas, Black hiring in municipal jobs, skills training programs, literacy programs, public housing renovation, oversight and protection from slumlords, community development grant money (siphoned away from her district), supermarkets and banks, city cooperation with the school board, etc. etc. When he hints at a question she says some old random shit like “I can’t look back because I’m too busy looking ahead” or something to the effect. (Mmmph, guess she tol' him!) She also champions, get this, entertainment as a way to get things going in Overtown and Liberty City…

3. On Discourse Net MNT alum Tom Austin gives us a peak into what promises to be a great book on Miami, but not if Bob or I get there first.

4.MNT takes Miamity’s cue and shares a time when I was a toddler and seemingly all good soul and R&B music came from Miami. When you see so many familiar songs you realize that Black Miami once produced sounds that rivaled or exceeded regional-gone-national music like Mississippi (Stax), like Philly (Philly International), Motown, or Cleveland and LA as funk factories. A lot of the sounds are obviously borrowed from music emanating from other parts of the country but it has something unique. Should concern us that there is obvious exploitation of Black artists going on there but what’s new.

5.The county commissioners put a hold on incorporation, likely in a bid to stop Redland incorporation from getting in the way of developers plans.

6. Showme has really taken his blog name to heart, starting off his experiments with VBubble by giving us a peep show. (Scroll down a little on his great page.)

7.Juan Carlos Arcaya Gonzalez keeps the gophers happy.

8. Jeb Bush tries to do the right thing by luring a biotech firm, giving it a place where it will be within reach of tri-county future rapid transit and the I-95 corridor, would benefit FAU and Nova and allow for biotech companies to expand. What does PB County do? Just the opposite. Why? Race and an interested developer. Land is cheaper, or was cheaper at the new site but it limited by geography.

9. My lawyer missed a court date a long time ago. (Don’t ask.) I was not aware that this sort of redress was available. Something tells me Ms. Aleman is not going to have much support among the Bar Association folks.

10.South Florida has quite a large Italian American population, mostly relocated from the Northeast and Miami used to be, along with New Orleans called the southern capitals of the Mafia. So there has to be a few people that have some stories to tell, right? Not if the Sopranos are already stealing them says this South Florida lady.

11.Sen. Martinez regrets role in Schiavo case but supports (surprise) Katherine Harris in her run against Bill Nelson. Kitty Kat Harris has had something of a rift behind the scenes with Jeb, especially after she was so instrumental to assisting his brother. The famed Bush family loyalty seems to have skipped someone. The Harris family are not a bunch of nobodies, wealth and influence speaking. They are some of the largest citrus growers/land holders in the state. I love her over the top make-up which speaks to an eager to please mentality, her flirtatiousness with Fox News reporters, the political baggage with the Riscorp fundraising scandal, her support of policy to keep her family up to their cheeks in Mexicans slaves, I mean guest workers, and the fact that she gets boozy with the best of them. I also love that someone tried to run her over in a silver Cadillac citing “freedom of speech”. She my friends is a real Floridian for our times. Sen. Nelson is so boring in comparison. He is so old Florida, (imagine an Anglo politician originally from Miami these days), like Sen. Graham without the quirkiness or apple cheeks. “Spaceman Spiff” Nelson even makes being an astronaut seem bland.

12.Rudy Crew for President. Don’t let the school board or anyone else get in the way because this is the best chance for positive change in Miami. Remedial and enrichment classes, partnerships with community schools, colleges and universities, summer programs, college prep, PSAT and PSAT tutorials, teacher training, compulsive summer school for retained students, parent choice within the school system. Don’t be surprised to see Miamista going back in the non-profit world to run a Miami based program like several of those he used to run. They made him feel good whereas now, working with just rich folks he feels a little...

13. It got back to me that a Miami Herald writer called me a prick when someone showed them a recent posting. Have I resorted to name calling? Oh yeah, I have. Good choice...

14. Mayor Manny Diaz officially brings himself and Commssioner Winton down. For good.

15.Staff Writer "Miami New Times has an immediate opening for a full-time staff writer. We're looking for a journalist with at least two years of professional experience who has the ability to create in-depth and compelling stories that explore the issues, events, and personalities of Miami. Qualified applicants should send cover letter, resumé, and clips to: Chuck Strouse Editor Miami New Times 2800 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33137 "

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