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Monday, December 12, 2005

Enjoy the Party, Parties Weren't Meant to Last

The classic eras are never as fun and outrageous as they are depicted in hindsight. Miami is engaged in housing and car insurance, mortgage fraud, medicare fraud, The construction industry is booming. The Black Market peso exchange is in full throttle. Cocaine, ecstasy and illicit prick stiffeners are flowing freely from their Miami port of entry thanks to Homeland Insecurity which has taken resources away from interdiction.

The statistics may not reflect it but for Miami these are heady days.

When it is politically expedient to rediscover the drug war and banks and insurance companies decide the losses are unsustainable that most adaptable of creatures, the Miami hustler, will temporarily be put on the sideline. The bloom has already faded from the real estate market and homeowners are stuck with debt, taxes and declining values.

We will remember real estate sales parties that rivaled Hollywood for spectacle and excess. Hip Hop and trance appropriately have been the sound track of this era of greed, crime, victimization and indulgence.

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