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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Miamista Doesn't Deserve You

Hello Miamista Readers! I have been on break and will be for a little bit more. I have been receiving /reading your mail. Sorry for being so cruddy as not to answer most nor informing you of the the time frame of the next posting. Bad Miamista! Pau, Pau! Is that a Latin thing, the "pau pau" to accentuate the slap on the wrist?

To be fair to myself however, I get more mail asking what's up with the no-posts than I get when I put time and effort in ACTUALLY posting. AND I have been dropping a line or two as comments on some of the Miami blogs that I read. What's more, there are folks cough, kordorgreaterfortlauderdaledonjeffreyissenamiamimuse, cough, that don't put up posts for seemingly years. I keep them to the right still. And hopefully you've been visiting some of the good folks in that column of sites and blogs.

Anyway, yeah, if anyone sends me posts I'll put it up in the mean time. Really, it will be fun! Send them as comments, if you please, as Miamista's email accounts often screen unrecognized folk's mail as basura. ( The gratuitous use of Spanish is to beef up my bona fides as a Cuban American blogger. Same thing with the picture of Luis "Boom Boom" Posada Carriles.)

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