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Friday, April 28, 2006

Whassup/Miamista Is Back! But for a limited time.

Note: The last post w blogging advice is down. If you want it back up inform.-J

1. The Hedgehog of Education is in the news. You know I’m getting at him. If you’re new to Miami, you’ll want to get the history behind this crook, bully, coward, bigot that dictates education policy.

2. South Miami’s Horace “the Christian, Jew Hating Crook” Feliu tried to win support from minority communities, which was in this case Adrian Ellis of the ill fitting suit ethnic grouping (scroll down for pic, temp link). The group and their suits come in all colors. South Miami is falling apart, see the story on the same page. Commentary on this upcoming.

3. Other Upcoming Stories:
It is Defede narrowing in on Commissioner Joe Martinez without any new information, because (as Miamista readers know) what is already there is bad. /The Miami Herald’s shoddy, outright fallacious reporting is in my sights. / I will be sharing a project to assist the community. /Bank Atlantic is money laundering their asses off. /Expect So. Florida illegal immigrant crackdown/Miami Monthly is committing suicide.

4. Some blog updates. I’m behind on some really great developments and some great blogging. I will miss a few but here goes.
· Let’s all wish our dear "Sex on the Beach’s” Manola/Maria a happy trip.
· “Miami Nights” is such a cool blog. Superficially so?Yeah (so what), but sarcastic, cynical and humorous. I just hate those sort of long send-your-password-in-an-email sort of deals. I always get occupied with something else when I go to my email.
· Sometimes I’m “enhh”, at sometimes I’m, “this is good shit” with "A Grand Illusion". AGI contributor Phoebe Flowers took aim at the Herald on her Sun-Sentinel blog (someone tell the Herald that SS blog layouts are soooo much more professional). Unfortunately she took it down. Go to The Daily Pulp to get a tidbit if you missed it, and I’m sure you did.
· After forwarding “The New Miami Girl” to people they tell me how interesting and cool her blog is. As if I didn’t know. But her blog is much more than cool. If we were playing football I’d give her the nickname Total Package. (Send comments to her not me, peeps on my group list!)
· “Overtown USA” is the blog of 1.5 million people. Call it Overtown U. because it is schooling people.
· “Coral Gables” blogger Tere (inside joke: I know who you are and get away from my seat Tere) is in danger of her life in the posh but scary part of town. I’m not kidding. I love the blog so I’m scared too, in selfish way. She’s a gifted writer, not simply by style but a winning wittiness.
· I can’t do a run down but I think that “En Vivo y En Directo” while sparse has promise.
· “Move Miami” aka Miami Transit has a big job on his hands- reforming urban design and transit. Couldn’t be doing a better job. He is whetting his knife before he completely cuts back the purple, bloated skin of the putrid MTA and its MIC appendage. Now I don’t have to rail about the need for a train along the FEC corridor.
· “JHop” just did something interesting on education but the old codger isn’t interested in what I have to say, screening my comments. It was basically that the LA article he referred to (dealing with schools) has a lot to do with the battle for control of LA across ethnic lines in a way that we would be very familiar with. Joel Kotkin points out that there is a Hispanic , Jewish and Anglo divide. What makes it local news? Part time Miami resident Rick Meruelo and Sergio Pino. A comparative study of Miami and Los Angeles in history and policy and public affairs is screaming to be done.
· “Greener Miami” can’t be called new anymore but she is drawing people together in her tree hugging and that’s so cool. Personally I have never been big on environmentalism without it dealing with problems such as urban planning, poverty and economic development and the policies and politics behind environmental problems. Emily Witt, writes a short piece to show how it’s done and undoes the hard work done by Mayor Manny’s PR folk. Mailing something like that as a letter to Vanity Fair, NALEO and the Conference of Mayors and other national press might help.

5. Media Updates- I’m behind here too. Fortunately there is little reporting going on of importance.
· The Miami New Times may be trying to crawl out but they dug a whole too deep. Francisco Alvarado, whose myopia and ambition sometimes stands in the way of his ability, delivered a piece of journalism last week. I mean MNT under Jim Mullin (pictured left) journalism, with a piece about some police corruption that no one else picked up on. (This week with the Grove playhouse the ball was handed to Francisco next to the basket and he dribbled it off his foot.) Caring, letter writing MNT readers have disappeared.
· The Miami Sun Post deigned to mention bloggers. Small treat coming from the source. (The Sun Post is short of a dyspeptic, kick ass journalist who won’t phone it in two times a month*.) There was a sort of an “I’m watching you watching me” thing that made me feel queasy. Because, rather than despite of, the mention I felt that it was presumptuous to "inform" their readers of blogs but not more presumptuous than their blog awards. It was like hearing the Herald say, “Have you heard about that quaint little tabloid, the Miami Sun Post? Let me tell you what they’re about”. It would have been more respectful to put up a blog-roll. Speaking of, the Miami Herald instructed that I be taken off a reporter’s blogroll. Feel GREAT about that!
· I have two words: Bob Norman. If you were stuck with reading a single blog by a Florida journalist (which in practical terms you are) it would be Bob. Media critic extraordinaire. Wish his beat was more focused on Miami but that would be too perfect.
· Radio Progreso, which at one point allowed comments in the form of letters and had a daily commentary from Francisco Aruca in English that was the closest thing English speakers would hear to an old style Cuban political commentator. Still RP is the voice of exiles in exile and they’ve got the scars to prove it. They are unabashed intelligent, liberal, leftist Cuban Americans (with a few American contributors) who have been through the fires. Several have been victims of bombings and assassination attempts. Others have been fired from academic positions for ideological reasons, such as Lisandro Perez, former head of FIU’s Cuban Studies Program and Max Castro, former head of University of Miami’s North-South Center and former Herald columnist. They are issue oriented and deal a lot with domestic affairs so they pass my no-party affiliation rule for Miamista mentioned blogs. They put to the lie that all or most Cuban Americans are of a single ideological bent.

6. Shout Outs and High Praises go to Sergio Pino and Rich Meruelo. Both guys have proven that developers are not necessarily assholes for life (note Pino's support for keeping the UDB and school reform and Meruelo's support of immigrant rights. Meruelo is primarily an LA resident these days.)

*I'm speaking of a shortage, not an entire lack thereof. REBECCA WAKEFIELD definitely stands as a "dyspeptic, kick ass journalist who won’t phone it in two times a month"! ;)

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