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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Where to Find Weekend Notes + SUNDAY BONUS

Say ya want a new Miamista posting for the weekend? Check two posts down or click for "Weekend Notes"! Blogger isn't working properly (surprise) so I can neither copy nor move the post to today, Saturday, April 8, 2006. Hope you enjoy! Have a lovely weekend. -Miamista

I've got something of a Sunday Extra for you! My nominations for the new, weekly, Herald inspired, "WTF are YOU talking about award"!

Second Runner Up: Anna Menendez, Columnist. (I went to school with Anna and I hold her in high esteem but she is apparently still capable of a laughable gaffe)- The set up- Fearing that the FCAT places too much emphasis on ensuring that children can read, write and count in Florida, a parent opines, "I fear that students may graduate and not be able to recognize the difference between a Renoir and a Rembrandt, and that will be a loss.'' As opposed to learning to read and write? That wasn't the quote she wanted to use, I think. Incidentally Florida has the highest drop out rate in the US.

First Runner Up: Oscar Corral, Reporter. I don't read him so I could have missed other worthy performances. Reveries of delusion. Sometimes propaganda from all sides goes well beyond manipulation, shading, lying, etc. to becoming downright hilarious. The serial killer looking reporter writes, that reportedly, "A pro-government mob ganged up outside the Villa Clara home of dissident Bertha Antunez Pernet for an acto de repudio on August 24, threatening her so she wouldn’t carry out a vigil for political prisoners. She didn’t panic. She grabbed a couple of loudspeakers, placed them on her window, and cranked Willy Chirino music, reports Janisset Rivero, who runs the federally-funded Directorio Democratico Cubano with her husband, Orlando Gutierrez. The hostile crowd reportedly burst into dance, forcing the government organizers to send them home, Rivero said." Anyone listening to Willy Chirino is what gave up the lie. (In 2005, the US government provided over $8.99 billion in funding to groups working against the Cuban government. Miamista wants a piece of the action.)

Winner: Noah Biermann, Education Writer- There is a Sunday Herald "Top News Story" about a fraternity whose UF chapter is down to one member this semester. Okay, where is the "top" or "news" or "story" here? I mean this isn't even the top news story at the Daily Gator or whatever their paper is called. The Herald editorial staff should receive honorable mention here.

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