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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Never Leave You

You know readers, this past fall I lost a relative in SoFla. It was the last straw. When something sad happens and you have a tenuous connection to an area (as I have since my temporary move), you may find that you really don't want to deal with that place anymore. I didn't even want to deal with anyone who made me think of Miami. If you are a friend of mine from Miami you may have felt that I was just "doing me" and knew my heart; if you were a good friend you would know why and feel a bit of sympathy. I am growing out of it however.

I have been talking to some people from Miami/SoFla and avoiding some of the aggravation of talking about some things about Miami/SoFla. Pretty soon I'll be in the mix again with that too.

So things change, much is loss and much renews. Nothing says renew like "one in the oven". And now a beautiful person who I know recently was telling me about her feelings about being enceinte; (since she heard me use the word she has forbidden me to use "pregnant" which I personally prefer.)

So to Miami family and friends-- "Now I'm walking again, to the beat of a drum and I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart". And to my home girl- "You know I told you now, I would never dream of leaving you". And I hope she enjoys the video! You are as sexy as ever. In fact, you're bringing sexy back all by yourself.

PS- If you are from So Fla and we are people I've been probably thinking about you so don't think "out of sight out of mind".

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