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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catch Up On Some Reading

Picture to the Right: "Congrats for all the TOP TIER Students who worked hard to get into their great schools including a promising female writer who is off to Yale; and to Summer SAT and College Prep Students: This summer will be FUN, I swear!"->

I really didn't want to post a month after "immigration". Then I didn't want to post after Winton. Some topics should be at the top of the blog for at least a few weeks. So...

Miamista posts are never edited so ya gets what ya gets. I take posts from one blog or piece of writing and paste it to another.

And by the way- Thanks to all of you shopping on the Miamista Advertisements. This month I did pretty well! For the next month I'll be blogging much less but I will put up more sale items with specials and discounts you can only get through purchasing on Miamista! (Tell me what sort of items you're might be looking for and I'll put up the ads with the cheapest prices/biggest discount they'll give me.)

Check out the following comment exchanges I participated in recently:

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Raise for Dade Commissioners

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And to keep you reading Miamista check out "A Sunburned Economy must look North

And Someone Re-Opened the Freedom Tower? was re-edited

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