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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hallo, mein readers and friends!!!

Wie geht's? Okay, I put this together as a series. Yes it's cheese. Yes there will be something with guys in it that is just pulled from elsewhere (cuz I wouldn't know how to properly). So no cries of sexism. This is ALL about soccer/football/futbol! Okay, it is a desperate attempt to keep readers while I'm on vacation. But what is more beautiful than the joga bonito? (Also, see this and this on the tube but block out the trance garbage on the latter.) Danke, Josh for arranging it while I'm away. It's up to Josh to give you part 2 of these photos and part 1 and 2 of the player pics as well as the next links for more of the beautiful game and pics I send from the WC. (BTW, don't miss my favorite Soca song below and here is the another Mas Que Nada with the best team on Earth!) Auf Wiederse'n!

Germany uber alles!

O Esplendor de Portugal!

Yo Quiero Mexico

Iran, but so did she!

Belo Angola Avante!

Japan, Ah Soooo!

Wait, there's no Puerto Rican team!

Swiss Miss!


Don't Cry for Argentina!

Italia, do you lika da sauce? It'sa from both of us!

Iran, Sheatollah!

Oaria raio
Oba Oba Oba
(I blame it on the Samba)
Ecuador, Sunshine!

New York baby, keepin' it real!

Brazil, Order and Progress...

En-Guh-Lund Spice!

Not spicey enough for a Mexican, ugh!

Sweden, ya?

Dutch Treat!

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