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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Miami Blogging Grows!

This post is about the (overdue) mini-boom in local blogs. First, let me say that I know this post needs links but I thought you'd enjoy matching the references to my links. Secondly, I've been thinking that maybe blogging is not an altogether good thing. I recently met a blogger in NY. Both of us read each others NY blogs and we knew each other through our work but never really talked. The name of their NY blog was mentioned and I overheard... Is blogging making folks more remote? Anyway, on with the blogs.

I'll start with blogs I just don't care for nor linked to. There is a “chic” chick who actually claims to be a socialite. I was under the impression that real socialites never claim to be and detailing life at seedy non-exclusive Miami Beach clubs doesn’t make one a socialite. Or maybe it does, which says everything about how bankrupt being a socialite is. Then there is a local Arab/Muslim hater on Miami Beach whose hating marrs and otherwise alright blog.

There is a kraut, (they love that), I mean German expat who has a blog that is distinctly German expat (named Al Capone of course). And it’s great! He is apparently a journalist with a cigar magazine. Send me a few free samples man! But not too many. Smoking is dangerous.

There is Manola B who talks about the seemingly trivial and is obviously trying to ingratiate herself into the blogging community through sheer strength of will. Why is it working? Cuz she’s actually funny! I think I’m her biggest fan. (Nope, edit that. Alesh may be.) A relatively new Miamian (the New Miamian), originally from somewhere in Bubbaville (Southerners, and I’m sorta one, love that word) has a really great blog with great pictures and a way beyond functional layout. The writing has an “intelligent but still a rube chick in the big city” quality that grew on/endeared it to me after four minutes. NewMiamian has interviewed Manola B in a post.
There is Show Me, a decidedly semi-retired, hypochondriac Midwesterner-in-Miami blog has moments of insight, and is often droll to downright hilarious. His experiments with technology yield the occassionally funny and the occasional "huh?". Other experiments in technology- Issena is back from the dead complete with disembodied voice, and I’m not sure what to make of it. Issena also refuses to take down that University of Texas Rose Bowl thing despite my many entreaties. Courier Blues had funny snapshots/captions and was on Miamista’s links a little bit. Alesh over at CM gave CB a shout out in a post. CB promptly stopped posting and disappeared I think. Come back CB.

Speaking of CM, Steve "As in Blood" Klotz has a blog of his own but I'm waiting to see if it is a Miami focused blog before I link. (My other criteria is that I exclude blogs focused on partisan politics, which means some of my favorite blogs are not linked.) Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp moved sites but isn’t that new, just wanted to mention it. I already offered a few words on Miamisnews, a blog compilation/news feed/paste board- “Igor, it’s alive!” (Anyone know who’s responsible?)

Greener Miami gets an “A” in my book. Greener’s author, Rebecca, doesn’t have the finger wagging, holier than thou sort of approach that most tree huggers have, and I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. I’m personally aware that she has worked with some local non-profits and businesses already despite a condition which I understand is caused/exacerbated by typing. I’ve included her and another Miami blogger in my (widely spaced) prayers a time or two. I HATE the existence of physical ailments with a passion. Don’t we all. Before I go into a rant about how medical research is neither properly funded nor executed in American society I’ll end this disjointed posting.

Happy Blogging!

Note: A piece on bloggers who are new to and unaquainted with the So Fla and the Miami Beach/Miami/Broward divides will be coming soon. New bloggers are encouraged to send info.

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