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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy to be Back Part 2

So what have I missed in Miami? (Not much; look to your left. They spell it with an "s"... BTW PLEASE READ PART 1&2 even though they're put up on the same day! These may be some of the last posts of old Miamista.)

1. First, what has Miami missed? Not a world championship. The bullshit New Times non-story last week I won’t bother to link to about a Heat minority owner from Israel when the majority owner from Israel, Micky Arison, owner of Carnival slave galleys, * Katrina gouger extraordinaire and partner to sister who is caught up in the family business of arms smuggling and money laundering, etc. I mean, I’m as afraid of him as anyone else but at least I hope the New Times reporter who bothered to write that piece is being paid off for not reporting information on things that are already known. There is a reputed connection between his family’s bank and an attempt by Margaret Thatcher’s ne’er do well son to become a new Cecil Rhodes (or I should say Mike Harari). "Executive Outcomes" and "Blackwater" should mean a lot to you today since they are operating on all seven continents on behalf of corporations and the government for regime support and change, sanctioned or otherwise. Don't front, you'd love to take over three or four resource rich dirtbag nations too if you could.

Tangential question: why are White people afraid of Black youth again? White folks have been more gangsta than anyone else, and it’s okay! Rhodes- a dozen White men, a continent, the odds are my side…drug pusher, pimp, diamond horder, germ warfare pioneer, user of weapons of mass destruction, promoter of internecine violence and unrivaled thief that took over half a continent and personally owned most of a country that he named after himself. Again, where is the honor of being a Rhodes scholar a Black person heard the phrase “Put your hands up n-gger, I’m stealing all your shit and this is my turf now” was from a White guy. And he really meant it. I often imagine he would be right at home in Overtown today running a drug ring. I take so many shots at corrupt local officials who HAPPEN to be Hispanic I feel I have to spread the love or get some more mail about being anti-Hispanic. I digress. (If making light of genocide, enslavement and racism here was too unPC you know how to issue me a caution: the comments section.)

2. Florida is always tricky when it comes to education. Jeb is such a scamp!

3. Down here in Miami we have our own little brouhaha among educators and pols. Seemingly the only high level Black official in Miami with self respect, MDPS Superintendent Rudy Crew, has decided he won’t just shuffle away. To have Arza, a race baiting, greedy, thieving party hack with a personal vendetta against the head of public schools leading the Miami legislative delegation on educational issues is a travesty! And Rudy, who COULD just cash his very large checks has decided that he’s going to fight the good fight. Local Black leaders are looking at him like he’s Nat Turner reincarnate, to their obvious Hattie McDaniels.

4. Hispanic leaders who are tired of screwing their constituents for Jeb and being bullied by Ralph “the Hedgehog” Arza decide to go public and support Crew and education (and nothing has come of it, yet.) Arza and few other Jeb lackeys have decided to punish these guys for having independence and a scruples. (Caputo is a better education reporter than the spotty Matty Pinzur who is remarkable in his ability to miss stories, color stories with a particular ignorance all his own and most embarrassingly, duplicate a single story ad infinitum. Okay, I’m being unfair or at least harsh but I give him his due when he deserves it.)

5. What is the best way to send the opening salvo? Stir the pot of community divisiveness by playing on the worst impulses of the populace; in other words a book banning. Overtown USA continues to be the blog of a million people and it is a reliable place to find a good take on this issue. What you have to love is that people are making the comparison of a preschooler’s book and President Wilson’s favorite White supremacist movie, "Birth Of A Nation." BOAN btw continues to be known because it is used in academic settings to students of a proper age to illustrate the thorough and pernicious state of racism in America at the time. Take a moment to look at another side.

6. More on Rudy Crew.Our intepid hero has determined that the school district needs to stop letting two black fat-cat theives/pols and lackeys commit open theft of sorely needed funds from the people who they (never really) represent. I hear that commissioners at the county level are pressuring Crew and the board to keep their lackey at the public trough. They'll win this one.

Crew seems to be fairing a bit better than other highly competent professionals brought in to reform the unreformable pieces that make up the grand picture of public corruption and ineptitude that is Miami's public sector. Many thought that he would have had an Angela Gittens or Constance Kaplan or Adis Vila done on him by this time. Go Rudy!

7. Terrorism in Miami. While we are surrounded by terrorists, have streets named for them and they have open offices, one terrorists (Posada Carriles of course) may be set free because he is know being acknowledged as having been a CIA operative. (Does Posada’s lawyer work with Al Qaeda’s PR department in an effort to delegitimize America in the eyes of the world?). Oh yeah, a bunch of knuckleheads with dreams of scamming some money have been exalted to the position of grand terrorists, both trivializing serious terrorism even more and reminding Black people that they are still in the old shitbag of distrust by mainstream America. Priceless. Of course I’d rather the media just drop the singling out of race and religion when speaking of terrorism but it plays for a lot of reasons.

8. Miami chooses a new city manager to replace the Joe “The Evil Clown” Arriola. Here is was the selection criteria. For a more serious discussion look here. It’s like a baseball team needing a starting pitcher and signing a mascot. More on mascots...

9. Miami replaces the Winton, who will go on to serve time- as the Notre Dame mascot. Who did they choose? The most incompetent, ass-kissing person, politically unviable person they could find, i.e., Deputy City Manager/Chief Financial Officer Linda Haskins. Umhmm… She was the chief financial officer of the city so she’s already implicated in the cities budget problems including the fire fee deal, the missing $35 million in HUD money and questionable contracts; she has also already committed herself to be a Home Depot Hoe. The Grove resident has been mismanaging the city for six years so she has more baggage than any of our current officials. She is hoping perhaps that her Angloness is enough to overcome this. I think the Grovites have been cured from ethnic voting. (I would argue that Anglo voters in the Grove haven’t ever really been racist, they simply didn’t want the sort of Banana Republic government that everyone should hate.) The crazy thing is that she is not guaranteed to have her job back when she comes off of leave, meaning that her livelihood is being held over her head. Now of course that brings up the question about a conflict of interest as she is working with people who very well may be her boss. So what did she say to assuage fears that she is simply a Winton/Diaz shill? Haskins answered this in her own way during her swearing-in. She thanked her ''wonderful mentor, Mayor Diaz”, and said she “hoped to make the man she is replacing -- Winton -- proud.” I wonder who will be replacing her in the upcoming election. I’ll think about it but I’d appreciate some feedback from readers.

10. Audacity! (Turn your head if you're tired of U.S. government funded terrorists retiring in Miami.) Pinochet has used killed tens of thousands of people, made millions more live in horrible poverty and littered Chile with mass graves and mourning mothers, all with our support. He has ducked trials in six nations but he still is trying to protect some of the hundereds of millions he stole from the treasury and apparently made from drug trafficking. Again, why did we put him in and arm him to the teeth? Why did we actually assist his military and secret police that invented whole new methods of genital torture with the aid of our specialists at Ft. Benning’s SOA? Yet he has the audacity to be challenging charges because he has had some of his assets frozen!!! It is a Miami issue because most of his family are here in Miami, running money laundering banks. His son was recently indicted for some laundering activity but pled down and actually kept the money. As some of you know, Cuban American terrorist from Miami in a killing spree killed Letilier as well as an American and even threatened the lives of FBI officers who were trying to catch them. It marked a whole wave of terrorism emanating from Miami

11. The best journalist in Miami decided to take a week off by claiming that it was a seasonally slow news cycle (tsk, tsk). It’s okay Rebecca because you have been writing your ass off and I doubt that it was appreciated as much as it should be.

*Great job for missing another local story Miami Herald!

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